Roche Cobas 6000

  • Core unit provides Continuous loading and unloading
  • Cobas c 501 module - Clinical chemistry analyzer 1,000 tests/hour
  • Cobas e 601 module - Immunoassay analyzer 170 tests/hour

* Provides customizable solutions for efficient, top-quality, mid-volume testing
* Consists of input/out buffer core module, Cobas c501 analyzer module, Cobas e601 analyzer module, and control unit 
* Consolidates more than 200 tests on one system
* Combines STAT with routine testing without disruption
* Sample rotor buffer for optimal sample routing and fast TAT

Core Unit: 
* Loading capacity of 150 samples in two trays of 75
* Load 5-position racks via dedicated STAT port with rerun buffer or by tray
* Simple operation with continuous loading and unloading

c501 Module:
* Clinical Chemistry
* ISE (K, NA, CL)
* Over 100 homogeneous immunoassays
* HBA1c (whole blood measurement)
* Throughput of up to 1,000 tests/hour
* 60 direct-access assays
* Automatic reagent loading during operation
* Speciment integrity via serum indices, clot, and liquid level detection
* Contact-free ultrasonic mixing

e601 Module:
* Heterogeneous immunoassays including cardiac markers
* Over 80 assays for anemia, bone and tumor markers, hormones, and infectious diseases
* Throughput of up to 170 tests/hour
* 25 direct-access assays
* Carry-over free disposable tips
* Clot and liquid level detection
* 9 minute STAT applications for NT-proBNP, Troponin T high sensitive (5th gen), Troponin I, CK-MB, Myoglobin, hCG, and PTH

Technical Spec Value

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