Medica Easy Electrolyte Analyzer Na / K / Li

  • Simple Yes/No prompted operation
  • Modular design
  • Results ready in 35 seconds
  • Small sample volume of 55 µL
  • Maintenance free electrodes
  • low cost per test
  • accepts syringes, capillary & sample containers
  • convenient, sealed, Reagent Module
  • Modular design simplifies maintenance
Medica's Easy Electrolytes analyzers measure Na+, K+, and Cl -, or Li+ in whole blood, serum, urine and plasma. Measured results are displayed and printed in 35 seconds on a 55 µL serum sample.
Simple Yes/No prompted operation, combined with a modular design makes Easy Electrolytes reliable and economical.
A convenient Reagent Module contains all liquid calibrants conveniently sealed that also collects waste,
protecting the user from biological hazards. The Reagent Module's solid-state memory enables Easy Electrolytes to track date code and reagent usage. Operation without interruption is assured.

The Easy Electrolytes delivers sample results more economically. This is because of the new unique electrodes design, in combination with precise control of calibrator volumes, which ensures economical operation and a lower cost per sample.

The Universal Sampler accepts samples in syringes, capillary tubes and sample containers without adaptors. The sample probe's self-wiping feature provides convenience, sample integrity and user safety

The system monitors calibration, electrode response, calibrant usage and other functions. Easy Electrolytes focuses on the laboratory's need to deliver sample results economically.
Unique electrode design, combined with precise control of calibrator volumes, ensure economical operation and a low cost per sample.

The only routine maintenance is the replacement of electrodes and a single pump tube.
The electrodes are totally maintenance free, which the operator can just plug in or out thereby eliminating any possible errors introduced by the operator when carrying out maintenance procedures.

The Easy Electrolyte innovative design simplifies maintenance, which is Ideal for remote laboratories with limited access to technical service personnel. All service calls can be performed by fax or telephone, eliminating the need for on-site service.

The diagnostic software displays error status, assuring quick troubleshooting.

The system is modular which enables the swift swap out of modules which can be accomplished by the operator without the need of any tools.

All service calls can be performed by email, skype or telephone, eliminating the need for on-site service.


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